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Within a moment Mambo put her head between the hands. My Mom latched on to her head and Mambo slowly backed up. My Mom was UP!Lots of 'Good Dog' from me Mambo's Favorite treat and Mambo pranced along side of my Mom to the bathroom. That one behavior was the start of it All. Mambo figured out at that Moment, her place in life. Soon she was helping my Mom get up every time, and not long thereafter Mom almost tumbled down during a walk, but reached for Mambo a little hard and I think hurt Mambo a little, but Mambo did not go down, and neither did my Mom. I guess out of a sense of self preservation, Mambo quit prancing and started paying attention. My Mom I suppose fortunately, if she is to fall, most frequently falls backward, and these days Mambo watches for that and uses her shoulder or side, to stop the fall before a fall to the ground is inevitable. Mambo returned to Class at about a year and a half. She was taught the 'normal' Therapy Dog things, such as be gentle, allow yourself to be stroked, don't bark unless requested to do so, and so on. All her classes were at Petco.

Never biting, just making his presence known and standing his ground like a good guard dog.

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This generation is the most hypoallergenic of the different generations.

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