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Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful and adorable dog. We get stopped all the time by people asking what kind of dog he is, and they ALWAYS comment how soft his coat is and ask us where we got him and we always tell them go to McKenzie's Doodles!He is still as soft as the day we picked him up, and doesn't shed one bit!Here are some pictures of our baby isn't he adorable?""Hershey is doing really well. Every day he is growing more confident,and cheeky!But he's still fairly chilled out. People stop us all the time, and it takes forever to walk down the high street now!But he's really good with meeting new people, as long as the don't mind being nibled. Tehya is doing really well, she's still unsure of him in the house but will happily take him for a walk. It's because he jumps up when he gets excited and obviously being such a big puppy it can be a bit scary.

We can't begin to express how much happiness and joy he has brought our entire family.

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This generation is usually the healthiest and posses the greatest amount of the "hybrid vigor" traits.

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When it comes to cats, it’s important to hold the cat’s head still and very gently separate the lips,” Pete added. More…

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Her color is a gorgeous red, she is super soft and very curly. More…

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Upright shoulders is a fault. More…

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We still can't get over the fact that she doesn't shed. More…